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The thesis opening defense for international students in School of Economics
[Release time:2020-12-15] [traffic:]

On the morning of December 11, the school of economics held the opening defense of the graduation theses of two international postgraduates. Sumolu Jabateh and Hassane Mohamed, two masters in 2018, participated in the defense, which was held in room 907 of the school of economics.

A defense committee composed of Professor Gong Zhijun as chairman, associate professor Li Guomin and associate professor Zhou Guzhen as members have been established to carefully review the opening report. The writing, evaluation and defense of the opening report of international students are completed in English.
The opening defense meeting is divided into three parts: the opening statement, the questions raised by the Defense Committee, and the questions answered by the international students. Sumolu Jabateh and Hassane Mohamed, two graduates, combined with the agricultural development history of their country and China as the research basis, the topic of the paper studied the agricultural and climate factors and other issues; the content of the paper is more detailed and hopes to draw lessons from China's agricultural development experience in Liberia and other African countries, which has certain theoretical significance and reference value. The teachers of the oral defense committee asked questions about the questions in the article and pointed out the areas worthy of further study in terms of data selection, model establishment, topic selection significance, countermeasures, and suggestions in the respondent's paper.
After two hours of the oral defense, the master's Defense Committee finished successfully.

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