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Professor Wu Guobao gave a speech in economic school
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At the invitation of our school, on the afternoon of July 10, Professor Wu Guobao, director of the Center for Poverty Research of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave a lecture on Observation and Evaluation of China’s Poverty Alleviation Effectiveness from the Perspective of Social Cost-Benefit for our teachers and students through a Tencent meeting. Teachers and students from several schools participated. The lecture was chaired by Dean Zhang Liguo.

2020 is the year of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the final year of the fight against poverty in an all-round way. Director Wu Guobao gave an in-depth interpretation of how to fully understand and view the effectiveness of China's poverty alleviation. Professor Wu reported China’s poverty reduction achievements: large-scale poverty reduction and targeted poverty alleviation, disproportionate input and output in the two stages of China’s poverty reduction, China’s poverty reduction experience and its interpretation, and observation and evaluation of China’s poverty reduction from the perspective of social costs and benefits. 

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