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School of Economics has 6 projects funded by national Natural Science Foundation of China
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On September 17, 2020, the National Natural Science Foundation of China announced the 2020 National Natural Science Foundation of China's annual project approval lists. Six projects have been approved in our school. 

They are 

  • Professor Zhang Liguo:  "Construction of socialized service system of agricultural production from the perspective of peasant household differentiation: Demand differential performance Evaluation and driving mechanism (Project No. 72073054), a fund project of the Ministry of Management Science;

  •  Associate Professor Qiu Ying: Research on the Micro-Enterprise Transmission Mechanism of Digital Value Chain: Theory Construction, Governance Framework, And Dynamic Evolution" (Project Number: 72063013),

  • Dr. Zeng Yongming: "Research on the Mechanism and Governance Strategies of Neighborhood Effect on the Relative Poverty of Floating Population: A Case Study of the Migrant Workers in the Old Revolutionary Area of ​​Jiangxi" (Project Number: 72063012),

  • Dr. Su Chen: "Empirical Study on the Fertilizer Reduction Behavior and Intervention Effect of Small Farmers in the Southern Multi-crop Grain Production Area" (Project No. 72063014) 

  • Dr. Peng Jiquan: Dynamic Measurement of the relative poverty of migrant Workers' Families and Long-term Mechanism Construction of Poverty Alleviation (Project Number: 72064018); 

    1. Dr. Sun Guangzhao:  "High-speed Rail Network's Impact on Regional Innovation System and Its Mechanism of Action" (Project Number: 72004083 ) 

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