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Professor Pan Shiyuan was invited to visit our school to give lectures
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​On the afternoon of November 19th, our school invited Professor Pan Shiyuan, the deputy dean of the School of Economics of Zhejiang University, to visit and gave a speech entitled "Unexpected consequences of liberalizing the number of births: theoretical analysis and Empirical Test". Many teachers and students from our school listened to this lecture together. The lecture was presided over by the Dean Professor Zhang Liguo.

Professor Pan first gave a brief introduction to the actual situation of population changes in China in recent years: In recent years, the number of second births in various provinces has gradually exceeded the number of one birth, why is the population fertility rate still The drop. Secondly, he analyzed the situation in the theoretical part and the empirical part, and showed us the influence of various factors on it. Finally, he put forward his own point of view. As far as China's current population policy is concerned, full liberalization of the second child is a good choice.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Pan had a lively discussion with the teachers and students accordingly. This lecture gave teachers and students a more in-depth understanding of China's demographic changes and influencing factors.

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