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· Associate Professor Qiu Yongzhi published an artic… 阅读:8 (2020年02月18日)
· Professor Gong Zhijun of our college was selected … 阅读:13 (2020年01月27日)
· The school of economics holds an international aca… 阅读:101 (2019年12月12日)
· The school of economics held the finals of the fre… 阅读:117 (2019年11月14日)
· The school holds an cultural festival for interna… 阅读:71 (2019年11月09日)
· Professor Michel Lubrano gave a short lecture 阅读:114 (2019年10月28日)
· The school holds a seminar for parents of new stud… 阅读:82 (2019年09月08日)
· Dr. Zhou Guzhen was invited to attend the 2019 Ann… 阅读:82 (2019年08月04日)
· The interdisciplinary major of data science and di… 阅读:95 (2019年07月20日)
· Associate Professor Li Guomin Attended NAFSA 2019… 阅读:76 (2019年06月05日)
· Dr. Xunzhou's research team was titled one of the… 阅读:43 (2019年05月15日)
· Professor Chen Binkai from the Central University … 阅读:41 (2019年05月07日)

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